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Hurricanes, Wondermade and helping Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

UPDATE: We've extended the 25% off sale online. Use "hurricanehelp" at checkout.


Wondermade was lucky - we never lost power during Irma either at the shop or our house, even though 70% of our county did. We didn't experience much damage either and in fact, after a week or two of empty shelves and debris most of Orlando is back to pre-Hurricane status.

But things are different in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. We have friends and former staff hailing from PR and the situation on that island is growing increasingly dire. In fact, it's hard for us to fathom how bad the situation on both islands is. Puerto Rico is only a little smaller than metro Orlando and hosts about 50% more people. Imagine all of Orlando still struggling for water, food or basic services. Or imagine Iowa, Maine or Nevada effectively shut down - those are 3 of the 20 states with smaller populations than Puerto Rico's population of just under 3.4 million American citizens. And conditions in the USVI are just as bad.

So we're donating 100% of our profits from 9/29-10/1 — today through Sunday — to relief efforts from both in-store and online sales. If you're in central Florida, you can also drop off goods today for a container leaving for PR this weekend  - click here for details.

We also know that these hurricanes have dented personal budgets all over. That's true in Orlando, where people are repairing homes and fences. But across the country people have extended great generosity to support the recovery efforts. So through Sunday, we're also offering 25% off everything Wondermade makes, both online and in-store

Use the code "hurricanehelp" for your discount. And there's no need to take any action for the donation - we'll crunch the math and send funds directly to Unidos por Puerto Rico and Tim Duncan's USVI fund.